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January 2011

Ofgem has released new average annual energy consumption figures.

  • Single rate electricity consumption: 3300kWh
  • Multi-rate (economy 7) electricity consumption: 5000kWh
  • Gas consumption: 16,500kWh

The big news here is that average gas consumption seems to have fallen by nearly 20% from 20,500kWh.

Ofgem thinks this is because people are cutting energy usage, installing more energy efficient boilers and putting down more insulation. All steps in the right direction!

Electricity, on the other hand, appears to be more or less static for customers on single rate tariffs, although time-of-use consumption is reckoned to have fallen from 6,600kWh.

The report suggests that even though our appliances and lighting are becoming evermore efficient, we are still hungry for more energy-intensive gadgets like large plasma TVs and laptops.

Interestingly, LoCO2 Energy's customers tend to use above the average - all the more reason to buy from a renewable supplier!


January 2011

First of all, we would like to wish all our customers a very happy new year, and all the best for 2011!

On the 4th January 2011, the government raised the VAT rate from 17.5% to 20%. We would like to make it clear to all our domestic customers that energy is not affected by this VAT rise. Customers pay a different 5% rate on electricity, so you don't have to worry about your bills.



December 2010

Cheap, green and flexible – LoCO2 Energy’s new fixed-rate electricity tariff


Pocket Fixed – our new fixed-rate electricity tariff – is cheap, green and has flexible terms for customers. But in an industry already awash with complicated energy tariffs, and fixed-rate options among the most expensive and burdensome, how can consumers benefit from LoCO2 Energy’s new fixed-rate electricity tariff?

First and foremost, Pocket Fixed should be cheaper than almost all other fixed-rate contracts and will represent a bargain for most customers when compared to standard, variable tariffs. When compared with other renewable energy tariffs, it is one of the cheapest available. Flexibility was also a key concern, so we have a low cancellation fee that doesn’t heavily penalise customers who want to leave and contracts which can be moved to new addresses if you move house.

Pocket Fixed isn’t our greenest tariff, but with at least 20% of the electricity coming from renewable sources, it will help you to make a meaningful impact on your carbon emissions. The remaining electricity is sourced from combined heat and power (CHP) plants, a form of low-carbon, energy recycling.

In devising Pocket Fixed, we identified multiple issues within the electricity industry that we felt could be addressed by the launch of a new fixed-rate, low-carbon tariff: a continuing desire to switch to a more sustainable energy source coupled with reduced budgets brought about by the financial crisis and widely publicised looming electricity price rises.

For years, green electricity has been sold to consumers either by small suppliers at a large premiums or through ‘green-washing’ by some of the larger energy companies. Pocket Fixed offers a new choice. It’s priced to compete with standard brown electricity tariffs but offers a genuine greener alternative whilst giving customers peace of mind against electricity price rises.



October 2010

Micro-hydro schemes saw rare government attention following a visit by the Climate Change Minisiter, Greg Barker, to a new hydropower station, Torrs Hydro, in the Peak District.

Mr Barker celebrated the endeavour to expand micro-hydro in the UK, stating ‘hydropower is currently a missed opportunity… there is more to renewable energy than just large wind turbines’.

Torrs Hydro, a pre-existing weir, has been renovated and updated to support a renewable hydropower energy generating system or, as the minister put it, ‘unlock{ing} the clean energy of our past as well as our future’.

The renovation of pre-existing mills and weirs is something that LoCO2 Energy’s hydropower development sister company, TLS Hydro, has a great deal of experience doing. Greenholme Mill, an old cotton mill updated to provide renewable electricity in a joint venture with Derwent Hydro, will be starting up in early 2011. TLS Hydro also operates hydropower turbines at other old sites, including the National Trust property at Aberdulais in south Wales and Nenthead Mine in Cumbria.

The government has further shown its commitment to hydropower in the UK by announcing at Torrs Hydro that ‘remanufactured as new’ hydro equipment, such as old waterwheels and turbines, will now be eligible for the Feed-in Tariff scheme.

If you have an asset which you think might be uses for a micro-hydro scheme, then call us on 01923 713 840 and one of our engineers from TLS Hydro will be happy to speak with you.


September 2010

Renewable electricity at the Start London Event – a garden party to make a difference

LoCO2 Energy attended the Prince’s Trust Charities Foundation Start London Event at Clarence House last week, resplendent with psychedelic pencils and toting marigold seeds (for all those that asked, the BBC’s gardening guide will fill you in on a little more about how marigolds can help out in your garden).

It was good to meet some of our renewable electricity customers in the flesh, and it’s rare to get such an opportunity to chat with prospective green energy clients. The level of interest in renewable electricity was strong (and the level of knowledge often frightening) and we felt proud to offer an effectual sustainable choice. We were also surprised to hear how many households had already installed renewable electricity sources and were looking to sell their surplus onto a renewable electricity supplier in order to take advantage of the new feed-in tariffs: an encouraging sign for DECC’s new policy.

The concept of a Great Exhibition for the sustainable age is certainly a bold and laudable gesture and ingenuity was not hard to find: see-through solar panels and coarse wool loft insulation were amongst our favourites. At the same time, we also found elements of the event veered towards the aspirational over the practical but this did allow plenty of entertaining stalls to bring a light-hearted feel to the event. Nonetheless, it was a wonderful chance to see sustainability take centre stage in the heart of London.

If you talked to us at the event and want to switch to a renewable electricity supplier then please do get in touch and we can take you through our renewable electricity tariffs. Similarly, if you don’t want to talk about renewable electricity but want to share your thoughts about the event, just drop us a line.


 June 2010

LoCO2 Energy is the preferred electricity supplier of the Fintry Development Trust (FDT) who recently held their annual event FRESh10.  The event was a great success and we hope to work closely in the future with FDT to promote the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency in the community.


March 2010

We've dropped our prices!  Since last year our prices have dropped by just under 3%, this means our tariffs are even more competitive and of course are renewable and low carbon too!  Check the prices in your area and see if you could save money.  SWITCH NOW!


February 2010

A new certification scheme was launched on 9th February to label green electricity tariffs which have been certified as having genuine environmental benefits.  LoCO2 Energy are in the process of gaining accreditation to the scheme to further prove their green credentials.  We hope to have some exciting news soon!


Previous Events:

LoCO2 Energy recently participated in their local town, Rickmansworth's Victorian Evening and held a charity raffle.  The lucky winner of the raffle received £100 off their electricity bill.  The local community's generous donations have already been sent to STEPS charity.

Team LoCO Motion participated in the Rickmansworth Charity Pancake Race on Tuesday 16th February.  Through the driving rain we managed to come a tidy second to last but we raised some money for Watford Mencap all the same!


One Watford Green Business Pledge:Gold One Watford Green business pledge logo

LoCO2 Energy Ltd is part of the One Watford Green Business Pledge and is certified at Gold level for its involvement with renewable energy.  For press enquiries please contact our media team on 0845 074 3601 or email

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