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Join our growing community today - switching your electricity supplier couldn’t be easier.
A part of UK’s leading owner & operator of hydropower projects. Switch to affordable, low carbon electricity today.

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Sustainable Energy at Sensible Prices

Welcome to LoCO2 Energy where we can offer you affordable sustainable energy to your house or business. As sustainable energy suppliers we are one of the UK’s leading operators in renewable hydropower. Switching couldn’t be easier, join our growing community and we can offer excellent customer service whilst ensuring that your energy supply is genuinely better for Pocket and Planet.

Proudly investing in British hydropower. 

We are a vertically integrated, sustainable energy supplier and we have carved a particular niche for ourselves with the development of our hydropower stations. We now have 9 hydropower plants across the British Isles. This enables us to provide green energy to your home or business whilst offering you full transparency over where our sustainable energy comes from.

Better for Pocket and Planet

LoCO2 Energy is committed to giving you a fair deal on your energy bills, whilst also reducing the nation's carbon emissions through investment into sustainable energy. We believe that low carbon energy should be affordable to all hence we have a simple range of green tariffs to suit all pockets, from our 100% green tariff, to our low-cost, low carbon tariffs sourced from a minimum of 20% green energy. Find your perfect match today.

A Personal Approach

LoCO2 Energy is committed to giving you a fairer deal on your energy bills, whilst also reducing the nation's carbon emissions . We are proud to supply some of the UK’s greenest and most forward thinking homes and businesses.  Call us today and the difference is clear. You won’t need to jump through hoops to talk to us. We are a small company with an in-house team of advisors. We have all the knowledge on hand to solve your query and you’ll have a named advisor so you always know who you’re talking to.

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